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Special arrangements for babies and children


Losing a child is the most painful experience a family can face and it is difficult to make any decisions and choices whilst feeling so empty and vulnerable.


Everybody at Houghtons understands the importance of unity at such a devastating time and so over the following days we will help you give careful consideration to the choices that are  available along with the support and advice you would expect from experienced compassionate professionals to plan the funeral.



For the funerals of babies and children up to 17 years

we do not charge for our services.





Everything we can do, we will do to make sure that visits to our chapels of rest are as peaceful and cathartic for the family as possible. Nothing is too much trouble.



We understand that your child is your child no matter how old or young they may be and that you will want to take care of them in your way for as long as possible.  We will always try to facilitate the family's needs whether that be in our chapels or in their home.


The Childrens Funeral Fund

More information about the Expenses Payment claim form and notes for a childs funerals can be clicking here


Beautiful Baby Gardens within Warrington


Warrington currently has three beautiful baby gardens, each with it's own character and feeling

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