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Houghtons are experienced dedicated independent funeral directors who you can rely on.

We will guide you through the practical steps leading up to the funeral, the legal side so it can take place and

we are always here after the funeral if you would like further help and support. Here are some of the practical elements that we do leading to the funeral.


Help and Advice

  • We will guide you through all the necessary legal aspects of cremations and burials
  • We can help you choose the type of ceremony that is fitting and what you want
  • We are always here with help and advice and we will keep you informed every step of the way

Documentation & Forms

  • We will help you with the registration process from the GP/Hospital issue or from the Coroner.
  • We will complete, compile and submit all the necessary forms and legal documents.
  • We will help you with statutory declarations for burial rites and the appointment of solicitors if necessary

Chapel of Rest

  • We can arrange visits to see the person who has died in any of our chapels of rest
  • We will prepare everything for your visit to ensure your experience is as nice as it can be

Announcements and Notices

  • We can place announcements in local and national papers and also help with the wording/proofing
  • We can scan images and email them to the papers if needed

Funeral Arrangements

  • We will contact and arrange with the hospital, doctors, clergy/minister,  crematoria, etc
  • We can organise any forms of transportation for the coffin and mourners
  • Our funeral director will lead and co-ordinate everything on the day with our funeral assistants on hand to assist so that the day is the best it could be
  • Our experienced funeral assistants can also act as pall bearers or help and assist any person who would like the honour of pall bearing traditionally

Coffins and Interiors

  • We can show you the options available so you can decide which would be the most appropriate
  • We never upsell or direct you to something you don't need or want


  • We can advise on a wide choice of different catering options that are available, local to the crematoria, church, etc
  • We can arrange for caterers in any venue including your home
  • We can make provision for you to be taken home after the funeral reception

Floral Tributes

  • We can offer advice on floral arrangements, recommend local florists or if it's more convenient for you, we can supply them though our preferred florist

Service Booklets & keepsakes

  • We can help you produce service booklets, hymn sheets and keepsakes or you can take advantage of our full prodution service


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