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From 1st April 2022


There are no government restrictions and people with Covid symptoms are asked to exercise personal responsibility when deciding whether to stay at home.


Prime Minister sets out plan for living with COVID - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

For information on church services prior to creation or burial please contact us for the latest local church availability and restrictions they are asking congregations to adhere to


From 19th July 2021


There are no government restrictions on how many people can attend a funeral and we are no longer required by law to collect contact details of those attending. Further information can be found on this link to the government website.




For details on what the local crematoria and church restrictions remain in place please contact us on 01925729998



From 17th May 2021


The number of attendees at a funeral will be determined by how many people the venue can safely accommodate with social distancing measures in place, including anyone working. There will no longer be a maximum number of attendees defined in regulations. 

For commemorative events, the number permitted will increase to a maximum of 30 people. This maximum limit does not include anyone working at the event, but the actual number of people able to attend will depend on how many people the venue can safely accommodate alongside staff. Commemorative events of up to 30 people can take place outdoors (including in private gardens) or indoors in a COVID-secure venue.




From 9th October 2020 (updated 22nd October 2020)


COVID positive or symptomatic people can now attend funerals 


The regulations on funeral attendance in England and Wales changed, permitting bereaved people who are symptomatic of, or have tested positive for, COVID-19 to attend a funeral.


Following this change in regulations Professor Steven Broomhead, Chief Executive of Warrington Borough Council, has issued the following statement in contrast to the guidelines


'In the absence of any confirmation from Government that the regulations are to be changed or any indication when a conclusion to this matter may be forthcoming, and in order to comply with other Covid measures in place within the Borough to suppress transmission and stem increasing infection rates the Chief Executive has instructed with immediate effect the following rules will apply within the Borough at all facilities operated by WBC :-
No attendance is permitted under any circumstances for the following:

 Any Mourner who currently has confirmed Covid19 symptoms
 Any Mourner who is displaying or suffering with any of the Covid 19 symptoms
 Any Mourner who is currently self isolating due to a direct contact with a Covid positive case
 Any Mourner who is self-isolating as a result of foreign travel and where there is a requirement to self-isolate on return to the uk

This decision has been taken to protect the Health and Safety of Council Staff, Funeral Directors, their staff and other Mourners'


We are currently waiting on any contrast to the Government guideleines issued from other councils.


From 10th August 2020 


Following guidance that has been published by the Cabinet Office relating to the use of face coverings there has been an update on the position of face coverings at a crematorium.  Whilst face coverings are currently advised, and from our observations a significant number are choosing to wear them, from Monday 10th August that will change and they will be mandatory, subject to any recommendations in the revised Public Health England guidance once it is published.  The link below provides details on when to wear a face covering and also covers any exemptions under section 3.





As we are experiencing our basic liberties suspended for the next few months, the Government is allowing the attendance of a group gathering at a funeral. 

All attendees at all churches, crematoria and graveside must follow and adhere to the latest Government guidelines (click here to access the guidelines) with regards to social distancing and self isolation as well as the local council guidelines for use of the crematorium chapel & grounds (Walton Lea guidelines can be found here Widnes Crematorium hereand St Helens here). Guidelines issued by the Anglican Church / Church of England can be found here.


Although we are limited to the service we are able to provide we can assure families they will receive a service which is the very best available and below are the inclusions in our delivered service.


The collection and care of a loved one from their home, nursing home or hospice 24 hours a day.

When someone has died in hospital we are able to attend during the hospital's normal transfer-of-care times.

The completion and delivery of all paperwork. We are able to complete all the required paperwork over the phone and electronically by email. If someone is unable to complete the paperwork via email we will be happy to facilitate our safe method of obtaining the signatures required.

We can offer our normal range of coffins from something simple to something special.

We are able to provide limousines to transport you and members of your household and support bubbles. Our limousine page will provide you with information on how we are able to provide this service for your safety and peace of mind. 

Your funeral conductor will arrive with our elegant Jaguar hearse on the day of the funeral at a local address of your choice. The cortege will then proceed, with a route if required, to the crematorium or to graveside for the service.

We can engage a celebrant or minister to lead the service that truly reflects and celebrates the life of person that has brought a family together at this difficult but special time.

We will provide up to 4 pall bearers and our gentlemen will use a wheeled bier. We cannot stop members of the family who want to carry the coffin on their shoulders however we strongly recommend that we undertake this duty. We are limited to the assistance we usually provide and we would not recommend bringing the coffin near to the side of the bearers face or for bearers to be too close together

Music can be an essential part of our memories and so we can arrange those special pieces of music to be played.

We are able to offer the display screens inside the chapel at Walton Lea Crematorium where images and videos of happy memories can be displayed or messages recorded from friends and family who can not be with you on the day. Widnes Crematorium and Walton Lea Crematorium both now have a web cast facility for those who cannot attend and would take comfort in watching the service from their home. At graveside we can arrange a videographer to record the service for prosperity and for those at home.

We will assist and support you and your family throughout the day and we will remain with you until you have exited the crematorium chapel or departed from graveside if you have opted not to have a limousine to take you home.


In the days following the service, when the cremated remains are available, we will collect them and deliver them safely back to the applicant. We are unable to assist with the arrangements for the laying to rest of cremated remains at this time however we can give advice of appropriate options available.


We can arrange beautiful floral tributes from our florist Miss Daisy (click here to Miss Daisy's website)

We can help with service booklets and our printing department would be in direct contact with you and the minister. Details of our quality service booklets can be found here )


All funeral directors should follow the SAIF, NAFD and Government guidelines (The Government advice for safe funerals can be found here, guidelines from NAFD here and SAIF has advice for families here)

Houghtons Funeral Directors Ltd are in partnership with Warrington Borough Council, Halton Council and St Helens Council to provide the Warrington Funeral Plan, the Halton Residents Funeral and the St Helens Partnership respectively details of which can be found here.


Please remember It is the individuals responsibility to adhere to the advice given for their own safety and to consider the safety of others. It is the individuals choice whether they attend any funeral service and Houghtons Funeral Directors Ltd will not be held responsible for any individual who attends a funeral arranged by us who then requires self isolation or considers there has been exposure to them, people attending on their behalf or others who decided to attend. 


Below are images taken within our different local Crematoria and the maximum seating for an attended funeral service. This could change at any time to no attended services if the demand for the crematoria is too high or if attendees do not adhere to the guidelines set by the local council and Government.



Walton Lea Crematorium

Walton Lea Crematorium

Walton Lea Crematorium 

Widnes Crematorium

Widnes Crematorium

Widnes Crematorium - Seating

Springwood Crematorium

Rosemary Chapel - Seating for 20

Vale Royal Crematorium

Seating for 20

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