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Following Government guidelines released Tuesday 12th May 2020 people attending funerals are advised to follow the advice on safe social distancing when travelling to and from a funeral gathering. Wherever possible, people attending funerals should travel to the venue in a car by themselves or with people from their household. If this is not possible and funeral transport is required we would be happy to provide limousines.


For the safety of all those travelling in one of our limousines we have installed hygienic screens and divisions across all our fleet and all vehicles have hand sanitiser for your use and protection. We provide complimentary tissues and bottled water on request for your comfort during your journey which are yours to keep and we would ask you to take with you.

There are certain guidelines we do ask your help with so that we can continue to provide this service.

We have always maintained the highest standard in cleanliness and hygiene and further developed our housekeeping procedures to provide families the assurance that Houghtons consider your safety paramount before you enter any of our limousines.


If you would like to book limousines we ask you to


Keep the windows open sufficiently enough to provide good ventilation


If possible maintain 2 metres between each other by maximising the distance through appropriate seating positions and face away from each other. This could mean that one limousine will be able to transport a maximum of 4 passengers


Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after the journey or use the hand sanitiser provided if that is all that is available


Use the disposable tissues provided to cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing or with the crook of your elbow if there are no tissues are immediately available


If you intend to share a limousine with others we ask you to wear a face covering and gloves whether you are from the same household, support bubble or not. We can provide these for you and we reserve the right to refuse transport to anyone who expects to travel without them.




This information for the provision of limousines has been developed in accordance with the guidance issued from Public Health England which can be found here


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