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Choice and understanding....

Victoria explains why Houghtons are so different to other companies..."We offer a complete professional funeral service that truly expresses the individuality of the person in our care. We believe that there isn’t a right or wrong way to express grief and whether it is a simple service or a more uplifting celebration of life with our help and understanding it will always have worth and meaning with dignity and respect...


Through it all we remember there are no rules when wanting to express love for someone who has meant and still means so much"

Houghtons do not profess to be the oldest funeral director in the area, after all a lot of things have happened and changed in that time. Times have changed and expectations have too.  At Houghtons we always promise to maintain the tradition, the dignity and the respect - the way things should be done and we always present our services with the quality,  finess and flexibility that today's family expect.

Robert was asked about being a funeral director..."There aren't many people who can say that they have found their vocation in life but thankfully I found mine. By helping the many bereaved families over the years and taking the time to listen,  I know what a priviledge it is to be entrusted with a loved ones final journey.


I am sure that doing what I do has helped me in my own personal bereavement and truly feel that it had given me a better understanding about life and acceptance of it's inevitabilities"


When asked why have Houghtons opened in Frodsham and Lymm he went on to say..."Everybody who is Houghtons was chosen by Liz and I to be part of our family team. They were chosen for the qualities and vision they have, to help make our funeral homes provide the very best service for the communities we serve. Just as we invest in the people who make us who we are, we want to extend our quality service and invest in the communites that we feel will benefit from our experience, dedication and understanding. Since opening our first funeral home in Great Sankey, through personal recommendations and professional referals, we have been able to extend our help to our neighbouring communities".

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