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A Living Celebration of Life

What is Houghtons Living Celebration of Life?


Houghtons living celebration of life service is when we arrange a service on behalf of someone who is alive but they are at the end of their life. We make the arrangements for people who are terminally ill or where death is expected very soon to attend or be apart of a 'celebration of their life' service.

We also make arrangements for people who are expecting their life to end, not just yet but have a delibitating illness such as cancer, dementia or motor neuron disease, that shorten life expectancy and could mean their social attendance in the near future could be limited. This type of service can help families connect and reconnect with their loved ones. A life event that becomes a living memory to cherish and reflect on.


We bring together family, friends and elements of a persons life to collectively celebrate their life.


Our Celebration of Life ministers will lead a service where people would be invited to share stories and memories, poems, and music that means so much just like a normal funeral.


This service could also include either our small gathering committal service followed by cremation or burial or our direct cremation service when the person dies. 


If you would like more information and advice on how we can help in the planning of a living celebration of life please contact us. You will be guided by our experienced caring professionals to create an unforgettable and fitting service for you and your loved ones. 

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