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A sudden death is an unexpected death...

At Houghtons we know that any death can be stressful, physically and emotionally draining and even though we never can have enough time with the people we love, sometimes there can be a sense of relief that someone is at peace and free from pain.


Sudden, unexpected deaths are different.


These can be traumatic and life changing because they are more likely to happen to healthy mid life adults, young people and children through an accident, suicide or an undiagnosed medical reason and while sudden deaths have very varying causes we know people and families, bereaved by these deaths, have no time to prepare for their loss or say goodbye.





Houghtons, through vocation and experience, understand.



Making the first call can be very difficult especially finding the courage to share with someone the tragic series of events. Please remember that with Houghtons you have someone who will listen, not judge, empathise and help in any way we can. From the first call you will be put at ease by someone who cares and is experienced in helping families who have suddenly found themselves in similar situations. At all times we respect that our conversations can be sensitive, sometimes emotional and always private.

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