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Direct Cremation Service

Cremation without a funeral service


A direct cremation is a simple, dignified option from Houghtons in which a deceased is cremated without a funeral service or ceremony. Sometimes it is known as an unattended cremation or simple cremation and is our lowest cost cremation service. This option can make savings of at least £1000 compared to some traditional and simple service funeral costs.


Just because no one can attend the service it doesn't mean that there is a reduction of our standards or care. Every deceased in our care is treated with the upmost of dignity and respect. The deceased will be brought into our care in one of our private ambulances during normal office hours and cared for while the administration and documentation element is completed. We will provide our Sherwood coffin with cremation handles which is a simple style, designed to reduce the carbon footprint of a standard coffin with higher recycled content, reduced energy consumption and reduced material usage. As with all our coffins families can be assured of our commitment of caring for our environment and thats why we use product that comply with the rigorous FSC standard. 

We will notify you of the committal date and time so that when we attend the crematorium with our jaguar hearse and bearers your thoughts can be with the deceased knowing that your and their wishes are being undertaken with dignity and care.


The total cost of our direct cremation is £999 (paid before the funeral) and includes the cremation fee, the doctor's fee if applicable (usually £82), the sherwood coffin, a jaguar hearse and bearers.


If you would like any further information please contact us and we will be more than happy to give advice and all options available.



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